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Welcome to F.B & Sons Landscape Design, where our roots run deep in family and our passion blossoms in every garden we touch. Based in the heart or the UK, Birmingham, we're not just a local business; we're a family business with a nationwide vision.

Our story is one of resilience, inspiration, and the enduring spirit of family.

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Frank Bessant

In 2020, we faced an unexpected loss, saying farewell to our role model, Frank Bessant, a true family man. Fuelled by the values he instilled in us, we turned grief into growth. Co-founder Lee, drawing on two decades of experience in landscaping and gardening, decided it was time to redefine excellence in the industry. Teaming up with his brother Darryl, F.B & Sons was born, a tribute to the man who inspired it all.

Darryl's journey was more than professional; it was personal. Having witnessed the intricacies of various companies, he envisioned something better – a company defined by attention to detail, transparent pricing, and integrity. Joined by Lee, the brothers forged a partnership grounded in Frank's resilience and resourcefulness.

The F.B & Sons family expanded to include Lisa and Marc, Frank's Daughter-in-Law and Son-in-Law. With each member bringing unique skills and dedication, our family thrives on learning and turning dreams into reality. Our projects aren't just about gardens; they're about creating spaces where memories are cultivated and shared.

What sets us apart is the refreshing change we bring to the landscaping scene. Customers often tell us we stand out, not just for our expertise, but for the joy and pride we take in our work. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward, and we can't wait to bring that same happiness to your project.


Beyond creating beautiful outdoor spaces, we are proud to be a local Birmingham family, we cherish our ties to this community and actively support local charities. F.B & Sons, Landscape Design isn't just a business; it embodies the spirit of giving back that has always been a part of our family values.

Explore our site, follow our journey on social channels, and let us turn your landscaping dreams into a flourishing reality.

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